Our Company

Our stated mission is broad participation in the hydrogen economy through reliable, low cost of production and distribution of hydrogen, meeting objectives of clean environment and lesser dependence on foreign oil. 

CEO, Vladimir Prerad

As one of the largest privately held merchant hydrogen producers  in North America, United Hydrogen offers its customers a complete logistics solution for the supply of gaseous and liquid Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and other industrial gases.

United Hydrogen provides a full range of products and services in the expanding worldwide hydrogen economy; producing and delivering hydrogen to the wholesale, commercial, materials handling, fleet and automotive sectors. 

United Hydrogen supplies various grades of hydrogen, including:

Industrial Grade

≥ 99.95%

Ultra-Pure Gaseous (UHP)

  ≥ 99.999%

Ultra-Pure Liquid

  ≥ 99.999%

Fuel Cell Grade

≥ 99.97%

The company's production method incorporates electrolysis and a proprietary purification process, generating a product that far exceeds industrial grade purity standards.