United Hydrogen liquid hydrogen production plant adds needed capacity to supply the emerging energy market

Liquid hydrogen began flowing this month at the United Hydrogen production facility in Charleston, Tennessee. The newly operational plant has the capacity to produce 10 tons per day of liquid hydrogen, or over 9,000 kilograms per day.

The plant is the first of several planned facilities throughout the U.S. and marks a substantial investment by United Hydrogen. The liquid hydrogen produced here will serve industrial customers throughout North America, as well as providing hydrogen fuel to the developing commercial market in California for the thousands of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) on the road in the state. The company also provides commercial gaseous hydrogen deliveries throughout the Southeast and Midwest U.S.

In addition to hydrogen production, United Hydrogen plans on developing and operating a network of retail hydrogen fueling stations throughout California to initially serve the growing light-duty FCEV market.

The company's low-carbon hydrogen production method incorporates electrolysis and a proprietary purification process, generating a product that far exceeds industrial grade purity standards. United Hydrogen supplies various grades of hydrogen, including: Industrial Grade (≥ 99.95%), Ultra-Pure Gaseous (UHP) (≥ 99.999%), Ultra-Pure Liquid (≥ 99.999%) and Fuel Cell Grade (≥ 99.97%) for vehicles.

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