United Hydrogen Fuels’ (UHF) mission is to provide high quality, Fuel Cell Grade hydrogen, at a competitive price, through a network of retail stations offering one stop shopping to consumers, throughout the United States. 

JFK Hydrogen Filling Station

United Hydrogen Fuels (UHF) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the United Hydrogen Group (UHG), a manufacturer and distributor of gaseous and liquid bulk hydrogen.  UHF operates an industry leading hydrogen filling station at New York’s JFK airport.  In an effort to build out the hydrogen filling station infrastructure, UHF has strategically located stations to convert and  install hydrogen pumps in order to maximize the service area of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV's).

FCEV's have the potential to reduce our dependence on foreign oil as well as significantly lower the levels of harmful emissions emitted into the atmosphere that contribute to climate change.

Today, many of the major automotive manufacturing companies throughout the world have developed FCEV's and most have announced sales to the public beginning in 2015. UHF is consistently collaborating with automotive manufacturers and other organizations involved in this promising alternative solution to provide our customers with a superior, cost-effective product.

For more information on FCEV's and the role they are expected to play in the U.S., click on the link below: